Mission Statement (1)

Mission Statement






Mission: To Support people with access to food and community resources. 

Vision: With community support we can fulfill our mission. 


About Lethbridge Food Bank

Since 1982 the Lethbridge Food Bank has been proudly operated in the community of Lethbridge and serving the surrounding area with a “food share” program. Lethbridge, is home to over 92,000 people and growing, making the Lethbridge Food Bank an important part of a vibrant community to ensure a food security resource for families in need. As a non-profit organization we depend on donations from individuals and businesses like yourself.


Board of Directors

Executive Director: Maral Kiani Tari


President: Tom Kollias 

Past President: Lloyd Carefoot

Treasurer:  Jason Belcourt

Secretary:  Shelby J. MacLeod


Director: Marjorie C Little 

Director: Tammy Nickle 

Director: Tyler Ramsay

Director: Dale Zielke