Looking for assistance?  Here is how we can help

Guidelines for Accessing Lethbridge Food Bank Services 

We ask that anyone who is in need of our services provide us with following 5 items:

  1. Photo ID for each adult
  2. Alberta Health Care Card Number for each residents of the household
  3. Proof of Income: Pay Stub, Child Tax Credit, SFI, AISH, Pension, EI, etc.
  4. Current proof of address for all adults in residence: Rent receipt, Utility bill, etc.
  5. Proof of necessary expenses: Rent cost (a lease or rent receipt), Utilities, etc.

Once you have met our guidelines, you will be given a 3 month or 6 month card to make your next visit quick and easy. When your card expires, you will need to re-qualify by bringing the paperwork listed above.

We provide food to our clients according to the number of full time resident in the household.

A client can pick up bread and produce twice a week and a hamper once per calendar month. 


“The food I receive helps my family”

Lethbridge Food Bank Client