Lethbridge Food Bank participating in ‘Sketch Across Canada’


Now available

You can pick up a Sketch Across Canada sketch book at the Lethbridge Food Bank

Bateman’s Sketch Across Canada is a nationwide project by the Bateman Foundation. Working with Black Press Media, we’re producing 33,000 free sketchbooks to be distributed across the country, asking Canadians to venture outside and, in the words of Robert Bateman, “become bright-eyed three-year-olds again”. Sketching nature promotes knowledge, understanding, and connection to the environment, and the act itself is a mindful one: taking the time to stop, look and sketch can be a useful tool for managing anxiety and depression.

Want to get involved?  You will be able to pick up your sketchbook at the Lethbridge Food Bank shortly....they've just been shipped. These are available for pickup now at the Lethbridge Food Bank

Visit one of these locations to collect your free sketchbook, and share your finished artwork on social media with the hashtag #mynaturesketch. Or donate to the campaign and help us spread the joy of sketching from coast to coast! For contributions of $100 or more, your name will be added to the Canvas of Hope, which will be updated periodically along with the total funds raised. Check back here to see the progress!

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