Mindful Munchies

Due to COVID-19, our Mindful Munchies Lunch program had done some adjustments to make sure all AHS guidelines are followed. 


Mindful Munchies lunch program started 4 years ago as a partnership between Lethbridge Food Bank and My City Care. Currently, the program provides nutritious lunches to 30 schools/agencies.

With the school closure due to COVID-19 the program went mobile, delivering lunches directly to families. Once the school reopened, we resumed deliveries of lunches to school with some exceptions of home deliveries to children that are doing home school and on-line classes. We provide a brown bag filled with nutritional items such as sandwiches/wraps, yogurt/cheese, fruit, grain products and other protein sources for each child. Families are connected to the program through our two school authorities, self-referrals, and referrals from other agencies. 

For this school year (September 2020- present), we have given out OVER 30,000 lunches that has been delivered to 30 schools and families who have opted into home schooling in Lethbridge. Our staff and volunteers have pre-bundled individual lunches to avoid as much contact as possible. MyCityCare and their volunteers have also been tirelessly delivering the lunches to schools and some homes. We are very grateful for all their help. We are also very fortunate to have LA Chefs Catering provide us with sandwiches and wraps at such a low cost.

To be registered as a recipient of the program you can contact your school

or e-mail [email protected] or call 403-320-1879 EXT 3 and look for Tenille. 

To volunteer as a delivery driver, please contact carol at: [email protected]

For more information, contact Mac at: [email protected]